St. Bernadette Parish, Waterford

Our parish of St. Bernadette was established by CMM misionaries. It separated from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in 1999. From that time, many priests have served to our community and it has been growing slowly but surely.

Now we are led by the Divine Word Missionaries and busy developing our parish premisses and our mutual love.

Most of us live in a low-density suburbs of Waterford, Maningdale, Riverside, and Lochview, but there is also a rural-like part of our parish in Hope Fountain area. There are two missionary formation houses in our parish - the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Missionaries of Mariannhill. A Catholic community of How Mine belongs to our parish as an outstation.

Our Parish Priest is a Divine Word Missionary from India - Fr. Ajit Kumar Kujur SVD.

Our Activities


Wednesday:  5.30 pm
Friday:  5.30 pm
Saturday:  8.30 am
SUNDAY:  8.00 am; every second Sunday at How Mine 11.30 am


Saturday 9.15 - 10.00 am and on request


Wednesday 4.30 pm


Saturday 9.15 - 11.30 am

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17 July 2016

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Our History

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woodend had waited a long time to be received into the Catholic Church. In 1988, Dorothy Warburton (a niece of theirs) began giving them instruction in preparation for their reception into the Catholic Church. On the 24th June 1989, the late Fr. Roland Nowak CMM baptised them, they received their first Holy Communion and he blessed their marriage. This ceremony took place in their own home in the village of Waterford in the Bulawayo area of Zimbabwe...

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Lot 2/3 of 18 D
Hope Fountain Road
Riverside South

tel: +263 928 63 70

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