In the Church there are associations of Christ's faithful who strive to foster a more perfect life, or to promote public worship or christian teaching. They may also devote themselves to other works of the apostolate, such as initiatives for evangelisation, works of piety or charity.
- Code of Canon Law 298 -

Canon Law doesn't distinguish associations from movements.
In our Archdiocese, the difference between an association and a movement is in membership and uniform.

Anybody can become a member of a movement - e.g. lay person, priest, religious sister, child, single mother, etc.
But to become a member of an association one has to fulfil the criteria for membership. So, a child cannot join the St. Ann Association, a woman cannot join St. Joseph Association, a religious sister cannot join any of our lay associations etc.
The membership within an association is exclusive. That means one cannot be a member of two or more associations at the same time.
But one can be a member of two or more movements at the same time.

An association member obtains the right of wearing a uniform of the association after some time of preparation.
But there are no uniforms in our movements.

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