As the Archdiocese of Bulawayo’s focus on its younger Catholics continues, the Archdiocese’s Youth Office has embarked on an outreach program to encourage and conscientise young people on the importance of a wholesome life comprising a good balance of both spiritual and social life nurturing.

Speaking to members of the Catholic Young Adults Association (CYAA), the Catholic Youth Association (CYA), the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA), and advisors at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Entumbane, Bulawayo Archdiocese Youth Coordinator Mrs Florence Makhaza urged young people to value spiritual activities that are put in place for them.

“Most young people have a tendency of absconding spiritual activities and events, but want to be part of social functions out there. Often, some of you create alternative commitments or false tasks claiming you have been allocated these responsibilities by your priests. Surprisingly, your priests do attend the spiritual activities and events on the young people’s calendar,” she said.

She added “It is important to value our spirituality as this intensifies our relationship with God. You are the current Church, and as such you should be humble and diligent. When you commit yourself to God, he will do good things for you. Behave in a way that is favourable in the eyes of the Lord. Be in a position to defend your faith and participate fully in church activities. Enjoy your youth in the Church under the Lord instead of wasting your life out in the world through substance and alcohol abuse.”

The Archdiocese Youth Coordinator encouraged young people to respect their parents at all times and consult their priests and advisors when they face challenges.

“Parents always go an extra mile to make sure that all of you get what you need in life. Whenever you decide to do bad things remember that what you do is never hidden from God. Parents have already lived their life and have achieved a lot in life. It is now up to you to make the most of your life. Choose friends wisely, friends who will not lead you to self-destruction,” she said.

Mrs Makhaza encouraged the young people to use their talents for the betterment of the church.
The Youth Office's outreach programme has so far seen the Youth Coordinator and her team visiting three parishes to date, and will continue to visit parishes throughout the Archdiocese as the year continues.

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